Mr. Clifford is a unique melding of vintage sounds with a modern twist. Anchored by funky rhythms and Synth ear candy, the band fuses retro Soul, old school Hip Hop, New Orleans Boogaloo and NYC Groove Jazz into one extravaganza of genres. Through uplifting and danceable songs, Mr. Clifford traverses many decades of music and leaves ample room for virtuoso soloing and improvisation, making each performance a one-of-a-kind experience.

All multi-instrumentalists, the members of Mr. Clifford met performing with the Afrobeat/Jazz powerhouse “The Brighton Beat” and decided to form a unique project to explore a stripped down sound with varying instrumentations from song to song. Sammy Wags leads the band behind the Organ and Fender Rhodes while also providing the deep, vintage bass grooves. Greg Schettino peppers in classic jazz-funk guitar licks between cosmic soundscapes and catchy melodies with various synthesizers at hand. Dan Glaude makes a potent pairing of highly trained Saxophone chops and cutting edge effects, creating a futuristic interplay of rhythm and harmony that expands beyond your usual horn accompaniment. Matt Graff, the Progressive rock drumming phenom, explores countless grooves and fluidly moves between genres. He brings an unparalleled energy and grace to the backbeat and foundation of the band’s deep pocket. 


Currently supporting their debut release; “Who Is Mr. Clifford?” the band is hitting it hard in the Eastern US, establishing themselves as a leading player on the Funk/Jazz/Festival scene. In their hometown of NYC, Mr. Clifford performs at high-profile venues like The Brooklyn Bowl, Rockwood Music Hall, and Nublu Jazz Club. In February 2018 they were specifically requested to open a sold-out show for the legendary Michael McDonald at the historic Tarrytown Music Hall.

Mr. Clifford is about doing more with less. Less players, more sound. Less time, more genres. A full gamut of influences can be heard in one show, giving everybody in the audience something to be inspired by. This passion for honest, diverse and emotional music is deeply necessary in our current cultural climate. Mr. Clifford believes in the power of art, music and experimentation as vehicles for growth of society and humanity as a whole. 

Thank you for taking the time to listen, and join us.